Haohe is a comprehensive company. Our services include general contracting, planning, engineering, M&E installation, project analysis and construction management. Over decades, we have provided high-quality service to domestic and international customers on variety of building types, including commercial & residential building, industrial plants, government buildings, public buildings, municipal roads & bridges and other public facilities.

General Contracting

Haohe is responsible to project`s general plan, comprehensive arrangement, site coordination, cohesion, systematic management, integrating effective resources and subcontract items including project survey, design, procurement, construction and commissioning (for final acceptance) by the way of whole-subcontract or partial- subcontract. In short, Haohe will undertake overall responsibility for the project safety, duration and cost to provide you a satisfied project. The cooperation method could be engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), turnkey general contracting, design - build general contracting (D-B), engineering - procurement contracting (E-P), procurement - construction general contracting (P-C), etc.

EPC Project

EPC project (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) is not only a perfect combination of design and construction management (CM), but also a model to shorten duration and to cut down investment cost. With trend of construction market, with powerful advantages of integrated management, construction technology, detail design capabilities and mature procurement network, Haohe has accumulated successful experience on EPC projects.


Based on engineering codes and requirements, Haohe will do an integrated analysis of constructing technology, relevant economy, resource, environment and so on to provide drawings and relevant services, including master plan, equipment and process, architecture, structure, power, auto-control, and so on.

Project Management

Within client’s requirements of time, budget and quality goal, Haohe will efficiently integrate every unit, every construction process and personnel to complete the task.   From beginning to end of a project, we will undertake whole responsibilities of planning, organization, arrangement and cohesion.

Project Consultant

     As per client’s requirement, Haohe provides a practical, flexible and specific project proposal. Well planed and organized interview, meeting, issuing questionnaires, developing design, implementation plan etc. will be also provided.



Haohe have rich experience of indoor and outdoor decoration and finishing, including residential building, office building, shopping mall, store, hotel room, restaurants, bars, karaoke bars, discos, leisure and fitness hall, gym and stadium, exhibition, theater, museums, libraries, school, hospital, factory, club, garden and the sales center, and so on.

Electrical and Mechanical Installation

    Haohe provides services of procurement & installation of machinery and equipment, electrical installation, electronic installation, installation of automated instrument & meter, intelligent building installation, design & installation of fire system, pipeline installation, installation of power station, ventilation, HVAC and GMP project, environment work, commissioning & testing and final acceptance work.


Steel Structure/Curtain Wall

With good performance of high strength, light weight, good rigidity and deformation, steel structure is widely used in many big size buildings and industrial plant construction. With the market development, Haohe has accepted and achieved many projects of steel structure design and installation.