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2014 Spring Banquetof South China Branch

At 5:30 PM on February 28, 2014, headquarter & South China Branch hold the spring banquet at Hilton hotel in BaiYun district. Over 300 staffs and special invited guests from Midea, 3M and other cooperator took part in the banquet.
CEO Mr. Zhang and deputy CEO Mr. Jiang started the banquet by pushing the platform rob, a picture of thousands of horses galloping suddenly came in sight, which symbolize the brave and success of Haohe, and wish haohe will be on the way.
After the starting ceremony, all attenders recited loudly Haohes vision and core concepts under the guiding of deputy CEO Mr. Jiang, and then CEO Mr. Zhang gave anannual summary for 2013 and began to the award ceremony. Over 30 outstanding personnel, 4 excellent departments and site departments, and 20 evergreens (staffs working over 10 years) personnel were recommended and awarded. To Haohe, this was the best gift to have so many good staffs working, fighting and growing together.
After the award ceremony, all group leaders step onto the stage to give a toast and then the dinner party was began. At 7:30 PM, the banquet entered into artistic performance stage. It was composed of 7 wonderful performance includes singing, dancing, zither playing, and haohe working clothes show, etc. which are all prepared by our own staffs. Besides the wonderful performances, we also hadlucky drawing and games can bring you with surprise. In the final voting, fan dance “Wing Chun” won the first prize, MJ group dance “this is it” and working clothes show won the second prize, others won the third prize.At the end of banquet, we wish Haohe will move forward bravely.