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In the construction industry in China, there exists a group of courageous people who are working hard on a dream – to diligently improve the working and living environments for all people. This group insists on professional skills, standardized project management, good services because they believe it is quality that puts us ahead. As a member of the World Economic Forum, we are the only one Chinese enterprise to join the Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) which already has over two hundred multinational enterprises to participate.
Haohe Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. does construction business for 30 years and has grown up to have six regional branches all over China, four professional sub-companies and two wholly-owned sub-companies.
Haohe has been fortunate to provide general construction services to a wide variety of clients from USA, France, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Australia, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and so on. They are 3M, Abbott, Coke Cola, U.S. Embassy in Beijing, BlueScope, Procter & Gamble, Amway Corporation, Gatorade, Pepsi-Cola, Taiwan Want Want, Tai-I, France ELF, Taiwan Liteon Corporation, Invista (Dupont), Metso Paper, and Danboli, to name just a few. Our relationship with many of these companies includes multiple engagements and repeat business over the last ten years. Our repeat customers are the best indication that we provide cost effective and value added services in constructing first class facilities for their use.
Haohe never stops improving itself and focusing on its long term goals. With our integrity and highly efficient working style, Haohe will cooperate with you for your success.